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BarqRaftar: Leading the Way in Smart Logistics Technology in Pakistan

BarqRaftar is the smartest logistics-technology provider, serving Pakistan’s domestic markets with pride. We offer unmatched logistic solutions, including the fastest delivery network, secured 24-hour payback returns, and robust technology support, all while maintaining the highest quality standards and strict timelines.

  • Fastest Delivery Network: Experience unparalleled speed and reliability with BarqRaftar’s extensive delivery network.
  • 24-Hour Payback Return: Secure and efficient return processing within 24 hours.
  • Technology Support: Enhance your business operations with our advanced technological solutions.

BarqRaftar’s team of dedicated e-commerce logistics experts is committed to providing practical and efficient networks tailored to your business needs.

BarqRaftar Chargeable Rates

Weight Category Within City Different Zone
Up to 500gms Rs. 150 ($0.55) Rs. 250 ($0.92)
Up to 1kg Rs. 150 ($0.55) Rs. 320 ($1.18)
Each Additional Kg Rs. 50 ($0.18) Rs. 100 ($0.37)

How to contact BarqRaftar’s Customer Support?

BarqRaftar customer support team is available 24/7 on all working days to assist you and your consignee with any pickup and delivery queries. You can reach them via email or phone:

  • Address: 18-Block 1 Sector A2 Township, Lahore
  • Phone: +92 317 4052631
  • Email: [email protected]