SMS Notification

Providing real-time shipment updates via SMS keeps customers informed, resulting in a 90% increase in customer satisfaction level

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We enhance customer satisfaction

Increase customer loyalty and engagement

Customers who receive SMS notifications are 70% more likely to become return buyers, fostering long-term customer loyalty.


Reduce customer inquiries

Proactive SMS notifications reduce the number of customer inquiries about shipment status, saving valuable time and resources for your customer support team.

Improved shipping performance

SMS messages are typically read within 3 minutes of delivery, ensuring that customers receive important shipment updates promptly.

Improved brand perception

Top brands use SMS to keep customers informed about their shipments are perceived as more reliable and customer-centric

We enhance customer satisfaction

Global Compliance

We can rapidly access local operators in more than 190 countries and regions and enjoy global communication interaction

Data Report, Real-Time Analysis

Visual burial points that track and convert data in all directions, automatically convey and summarize the data