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About Shadowfax Tracking

Shadowfax is India’s fastest-growing end-to-end logistics provider, offering e-commerce, hyper-local, and on-demand delivery solutions to ensure seamless business operations and dynamic growth. With a robust network and advanced technology, Shadowfax supports businesses in optimizing their logistics processes.

Reverse Shipping Solutions: Optimize returns effortlessly with Shadowfax’s streamlined reverse shipping. Leveraging a nationwide network, Shadowfax provides best-in-class doorstep quality checks, instant refunds, and hassle-free returns to merchants’ warehouses, ensuring efficient returns and happy customers.

Forward Shipping Services: Shadowfax enhances the journey from seller to customer with high delivery success rates and unmatched quality checks. Experience seamless forward shipping that prioritizes efficiency and reliability.

Store Pick-Up Services: Enjoy the convenience of store pick-up with Shadowfax. Whether from dark or live stores, benefit from the flexibility of slotted and express doorstep deliveries, making D2C store pick-up a seamless experience.

Largest Crowdsourced Fleet: Shadowfax boasts the largest crowdsourced fleet in the logistics industry, with over 1 million registered trucks, delivery partners, and agents empowering their network.

Awards and Recognition:
Shadowfax has received numerous accolades, including:

  • Best Third Party Logistics – India Retail, E-commerce & D2C Summit 2023
  • Best Use of Technology in Contact Centre (Logistics) – 2nd Annual CX Excellence Awards 2023

How to Track Your Shadowfax Package

Tracking your Shadowfax package is simple and convenient. Here are the methods available:

Via the Official Shadowfax Website

  1. Visit the Shadowfax website.
  2. Click the ‘Track Order’ button at the top right of the homepage.
  3. Enter your package’s AWB number in the search field.
  4. Click the ‘Track Order’ button to retrieve tracking results.
  5. Verify your mobile phone number for detailed order information.

Via Shadowfax Mobile App
Download the Shadowfax mobile app from the website or Google Play Store. The app allows users to manage shipments and track orders conveniently.

Via Synctrack – TrackOrderNow

  1. Visit the TrackOrderNow website and click ‘Couriers’ on the homepage.
  2. Search for Shadowfax in the carrier list.
  3. Enter your order’s tracking ID and click Track.
  4. Wait for TrackOrderNow to display the latest tracking information.

Shadowfax Tracking Number

A Shadowfax tracking number, also known as an AWB number, is an alphanumeric code assigned to your order when shipped. This number helps identify and track your package through platforms like TrackingMore or the Shadowfax website.

Example tracking numbers:

  • R744055286443FPL
  • SF891398043KAK
  • SF891387498KAK

You can find the AWB number in your order confirmation email or contact the merchant if you did not receive it.

Shadowfax Contact Number

For any inquiries or support, contact Shadowfax customer service through the following channels: