Best 11 Ecommerce Shipping Companies In India: Price & Review in 2024

In 2024, ecommerce in India is projected to grow by 27%, making efficient shipping more crucial than ever. With over 50,000 ecommerce businesses vying for top logistics services, choosing the right shipping partner is vital. That’s why in this article, we not only list the top 11 ecommerce shipping companies In India, but we have included insights: coverage, special features, value-added services, strengths, weaknesses, and pricing of each company. Whether you’re a startup or an established retailer, these options can boost your work efficiency and customer satisfaction. Dive into our detailed analysis and discover which courier meets your needs and budget. 

What Is Ecommerce Shipping?

Ecommerce shipping is the process of delivering products that customers buy online to their homes. This involves several steps such as:

  • Order processing: When a customer places an order online, the system generates an order slip. This helps the warehouse staff know what item to pick.
  • Picking and packing: The ordered item is picked from the inventory and securely packed to protect it during transit. Packaging materials might include bubble wrap or custom boxes.
  • Shipping labels and insurance: A shipping label with the destination address and tracking number is attached to the package. Optional shipping insurance can cover potential losses or damages.
  • Carrier selection: Businesses choose a shipping carrier based on cost, delivery speed, and reliability. These carriers often provide real-time tracking updates.
  • Tracking shipments: Customers get a tracking number to monitor their package’s journey. Real-time updates let them know when to expect their delivery.
  • Returns management: A smooth returns process is essential for customer satisfaction. Easy return policies encourage repeat purchases.


All these steps are to ensure that the products are picked, packed, shipped, and delivered correctly. Also, in most ecommerce shipping companies in India, there are 3 common shipping methods:

  • Standard shipping: Affordable option for non-urgent deliveries.
  • Expedited shipping: Faster delivery for time-sensitive orders.
  • Same-day delivery: Premium service for immediate deliveries, available in select areas.


Here is an example to make it more clear: Imagine you run an online store selling handmade candles. When a customer orders a candle, your ecommerce platform processes the order. The fulfillment team picks the candle from the inventory, packs it safely in a branded box, and attaches a shipping label. The package is then handed over to the courier service, which provides tracking information. The customer can monitor the package and know exactly when it will arrive. If there’s an issue, the customer can easily return the candle.

Best 11 Ecommerce Shipping Companies In India


Delhivery an Ecommerce Shipping Companies in India

Founded in 2011, Delhivery has quickly become one of India’s leading logistics companies. With a comprehensive network, it serves over 17,000 pin codes and operates 21 automated sort centers and 80+ fulfillment centers, providing reliable and extensive delivery services.

  • Services: Delhivery offers express parcel services, truckload freight, partial-truckload freight, and cross-border solutions.
  • Pricing: Competitive and based on service type and delivery speed.
  • Coverage: Nationwide, covering over 17,000 pin codes.
  • Special features: Same-day and next-day delivery, reverse logistics, and software integration for shipping management.
  • Value-added services: Real-time tracking, customized packaging, and COD services.
  • Strengths: Extensive coverage, advanced technology integration, reliable same-day and next-day delivery services.
  • Weaknesses: Reports of occasional delays during peak times, customer service can be slow to respond during high volume periods​ 


DTDC Ecommerce Shipping Companies in India

Since its establishment in 1990, DTDC has become a prominent name in ecommerce logistics in India. It offers a wide range of delivery options and custom shipping methods, making it a preferred choice for many online businesses.

  • Services: Domestic and international courier services, freight forwarding, supply chain solutions.
  • Pricing: Varies based on delivery option and destination.
  • Coverage: Extensive, covering over 11,400 pin codes and 500 district headquarters.
  • Special Features: API integration, real-time tracking notifications, and on-demand services.
  • Value-added services: COD, reverse logistics, customized packaging solutions.
  • Strengths: Wide network, cost-effective solutions, international shipping capabilities.
  • Weaknesses: The tracking system can be less accurate, and the delivery speed may not be as fast as some competitors.

Ecom Express

Ecom express Ecommerce Shipping Companies in India

Founded in 2012, Ecom Express specializes in end-to-end ecommerce logistics. It offers extensive coverage and a range of services tailored to the needs of online retailers.

  • Services: Express delivery, fulfillment services, doorstep compliance.
  • Pricing: Competitive, with flexible plans based on business needs.
  • Coverage: Over 27,000 pin codes across 2,400 cities and towns.
  • Special features: 72-hour order fulfillment, and advanced surveillance for high-value shipments.
  • Value-added services: Real-time tracking, quality checks on returns, COD services​
  • Strengths: Extensive coverage, specialized in ecommerce logistics, QC-enabled returns management. 
  • Weaknesses: Limited international shipping options, which can be restrictive for businesses looking to expand globally.


Gati ecommerce shipping companies in india

Gati, one of the oldest logistics companies in India, offers comprehensive logistics solutions, including ground and air express delivery. Founded in 1989, Gati has a robust infrastructure to support various logistics needs.

  • Services: Ground and air express delivery, supply chain, and warehouse management.
  • Pricing: Flexible, based on service packages and delivery requirements.
  • Coverage: Over 17,000 pin codes, covering 99% of states.
  • Special features: EPOD (Electronic Proof of Delivery), customized packaging.
  • Value-added services: Heavyweight shipments, time-scheduled delivery, COD.
  • Strengths: Comprehensive logistics solutions, express and air shipping, warehousing.
  • Weaknesses: Delivery times can vary, especially in remote areas, and customer service has room for improvement.


xpressbees ecommerce shipping companies in india

Founded in 2015, XpressBees has quickly grown to become a major player in the Indian ecommerce logistics sector. It provides end-to-end supply chain solutions and maintains a high growth rate.

  • Services: Express delivery, cross-border logistics, inventory management.
  • Pricing: Competitive, with various service levels to choose from.
  • Coverage: Over 13,000 pin codes, with 100+ distribution centers.
  • Special features: High-growth model, extensive fulfillment network.
  • Value-added services: Customized logistics solutions, real-time tracking, and secure deliveries.
  • Strengths: Comprehensive logistics solutions, express and air shipping, warehousing.
  • Weaknesses: Delivery times can vary, especially in remote areas, and customer service has room for improvement.


aramex ecommerce shipping companies in india

Aramex, an international logistics company, offers robust logistics solutions in India. Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Dubai, Aramex provides reliable and flexible logistics services.

  • Services: Courier services, package delivery, warehousing.
  • Pricing: Flexible pricing models, especially for bulk orders.
  • Coverage: Extensive international and domestic network.
  • Special features: Online tracking, and dropshipping facilities.
  • Value-added services: Warehousing for MSEs, customized logistics solutions​.
  • Strengths: Strong international presence, flexible pricing, warehousing solutions.
  • Weaknesses: Limited domestic coverage compared to local competitors, can be more expensive for smaller shipments.


FedEx ecommerce shipping companies in india

FedEx, a global logistics leader, offers reliable shipping solutions in India. Known for its efficiency and extensive network, FedEx serves both domestic and international logistics needs.

  • Services: Nationwide and international shipping, door-to-door delivery.
  • Pricing: Based on service type and delivery speed.
  • Coverage: Extensive domestic and international reach.
  • Special features: Secure handling of high-value shipments and real-time tracking.
  • Value-added services: Insurance, express delivery options.
  • Strengths: Reliable and efficient, extensive international network, flexible delivery options. 
  • Weaknesses: Higher costs and sometimes longer delivery times for remote areas in India.


Shiprocket an ecommerce shipping companies in india

Shiprocket is a technology-driven logistics aggregator, offering seamless integration with various ecommerce platforms. It provides comprehensive shipping solutions, including same-day and next-day delivery.

  • Services: Order management, shipping, and tracking.
  • Pricing: Affordable rates based on destination and service level.
  • Coverage: Extensive, with a focus on tier 2 and tier 3 towns.
  • Special features: Real-time tracking, and easy integration with sales channels.
  • Value-added services: Customizable shipping options, COD services​.
  • Strengths: Technology-driven, seamless integration with ecommerce platforms, affordable rates. 
  • Weaknesses: Customer service can be slow to respond, and there have been occasional issues with shipment tracking accuracy.


rivigo an ecommerce shipping companies in india

Rivigo, established in 2014, is known for its innovative relay trucking model. It offers comprehensive logistics solutions with a focus on speed and efficiency.

  • Services: Relay trucking, express delivery, specialized security.
  • Pricing: Competitive, with options for express and hyperlocal services.
  • Coverage: Over 4,000 cities and 29,000+ pin codes.
  • Special features: Crowdsourced delivery, route optimization.
  • Value-added services: Secure delivery options, real-time tracking, and COD​.
  • Strengths: Innovative relay trucking model, speed and efficiency, secure delivery. 
  • Weaknesses: Limited reach compared to some competitors, higher costs for certain services.

Blue Dart

Blue dart an ecommerce shipping companies in india

Blue Dart Express Ltd. is a premier courier and integrated express package distribution company in South Asia, known for its reliable and timely delivery services. It has an extensive domestic network across India and international services through its partnership with DHL.

  • Services: Domestic Priority, Dart Apex (heavy shipments), Dart Surfaceline (economical ground delivery), Dart Plus (speed trucking), Smart Box, Express Pallet (heavy shipments), Airport-to-Airport, Interline (domestic express airline) 
  • Pricing: Starts at $2 for 0.5 kg (Domestic). From $10 to $45 per kg depending on service level (International: Ranges).
  • Coverage: Over 35,000 locations in India. 220 countries globally via DHL partnership.
  • Special features: Real-time tracking. Customs clearance expertise. E-commerce solutions integration.
  • Value-added services: Insurance coverage. Special handling. Freight on Delivery (FOD). Carbon neutral service.
  • Strengths: Extensive domestic and international network. High reliability with a 99.96% on-time delivery rate. Advanced IT systems for efficiency. Responsive customer service.
  • Weaknesses: Higher costs compared to some competitors. Complexity in customization and special handling. Intense market competition. Sensitivity to fluctuating fuel prices.


shadowfax ecommerce shipping companies in india

Shadowfax, established in 2015, is a technology-driven logistics company offering on-demand delivery services. Its wide network and efficient services make it a preferred partner for many ecommerce businesses.

  • Services: Same-day and next-day delivery, reverse logistics, warehousing.
  • Pricing: Competitive and based on delivery speed and service type.
  • Coverage: Over 15,000 pin codes across India.
  • Special features: Real-time tracking, automated shipping.
  • Value-added services: COD services, comprehensive dashboard for shipment management​.
  • Strengths: On-demand delivery, real-time tracking, efficient service. 
  • Weaknesses: Limited international shipping options, scalability issues during peak times​.

Expert Tips: How To Choose The Best Courier Service For Ecommerce In India?

Among the many e-commerce shipping companies in India, how do we know which one is suitable? What factors should be considered when choosing a shipping company that aligns with your business model? Here are 5 tips to help you make the best choice.

Check Service Availability and Coverage

When picking between shipping companies in India, it’s essential to ensure they cover the areas you need. Look for companies with extensive networks that can handle deliveries both in cities and rural areas. For instance, Delhivery and Ecom Express are known for covering many pin codes in India, with Delhivery covering over 17,000 pin codes and Ecom Express covering 27,000. This wide coverage ensures your customers, no matter where they are, get their orders on time​.

It’s also helpful to use both national and regional couriers to ensure you have good coverage everywhere. This strategy helps you reach customers quickly and efficiently, no matter their location.

Balance Cost and Service Quality

While cost is an important factor, it shouldn’t be the only one you consider. Some ecommerce shipping companies in India offer premium services at higher costs, but this doesn’t always mean better service. Companies like FedEx provide flexible delivery options and real-time tracking at reasonable prices.

To get the best deal, compare rates from different couriers and see what each service includes. Look out for additional costs like insurance and COD fees. Negotiating volume-based discounts can also help lower costs if you ship a lot of packages.

Prioritize Technology Integration

Modern courier services should have robust technology solutions, such as real-time tracking, automated shipping updates, and easy integration with ecommerce platforms. Shiprocket, for example, offers advanced shipping tools and APIs that make it easy to manage shipments and track packages​

Using a courier with advanced technology can help reduce errors and improve efficiency. Look for features like a user-friendly dashboard, mobile app support, and integration with platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Consider the Courier’s Track Record

A courier’s reputation for reliability is crucial. Look for companies with high on-time delivery rates and positive customer reviews. Or you can consider using the third app party for cost efficiency. For example, we have Synctrack Order Tracking – an app that integrates with multiple carriers and ecommerce platforms. This app provides real-time notifications and live tracking links, enhancing the customer experience by informing them about their shipment status. Synctrack Order Tracking also optimizes delivery routes for better efficiency, which can help reduce delivery times and costs.

ecommerce shipping companies in india

In addition to tracking and notifications, Synctrack Order Tracking ensures proof of delivery with electronic signatures or photos, adding a layer of security and reliability. Moreover, Synctrack Order Tracking offers data analytics for continuous improvement. By analyzing delivery performance and customer feedback, you can identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to enhance service quality. This comprehensive approach makes the entire delivery process smoother and more reliable, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Evaluate Value-Added Services

Value-added services like COD, reverse logistics, and specialized delivery options can significantly benefit your business. Ecom Express, for example, offers QC-enabled returns management to ensure returned items are in good condition, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Choosing a courier that provides additional services tailored to your needs can streamline your operations and improve customer experience. Look for couriers that offer customizable services, like temperature-controlled shipping for perishable goods if you sell such items.


Selecting the best ecommerce shipping companies in India for your business is a strategic decision that can influence your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The top 11 companies in India for 2024 provide diverse services, from comprehensive coverage to advanced technological solutions. Assessing their strengths and aligning them with your business needs will help you make the best choice. As you embark on this decision-making process, remember that the right shipping partner can significantly enhance your business’s success and customer loyalty. Good luck!